What Classes Should I Take?

Important: All students that want to earn a certificate must apply for that certificate before completing six (6) credit hours in the program.

Once you have been accepted, there are a lot of choices in courses to take, and in what order - we typically offer at least twelve different classes over three certificate programs each semester. Our advisors are here to help you decide what to take and when to take it.

This website is a great place to start. Each certificate student should read:

Even with that information, you may be confused about what courses meet your interests as well as certificate requirements. To handle those issues, or to get course advice, contact one of our advisors at 850.644.9961 or info@em.fsu.edu.

Request Your Certificate

In order to request your certificate, you must first have been accepted to the program by submitting a program application before the completion of six credit hours towards the certificate. After you have completed all the course requirements for your level of study (graduate or undergraduate) you should complete this form. Our department will verify the completion of your coursework and mail your certificate to the address indicated. Successful completion of the courses is defined as a grade of C or higher (some courses may have higher grade requirements). Students who receive grades lower than a C in any course must repeat that course if they wish to have it count towards any of our department's certificates.

Advising Staff

Chantelle Tuffigo, Advisor | ctuffigo@em.fsu.edu
Chantelle is the primary academic advisor for EMHS - she should be your first stop for program questions, issues, and advising.

Sierra Perna, Student Outreach Coordinator | sperna@em.fsu.edu
Sierra is the primary contact for students looking for internships or other professional opportunities.

Sue Sullivan, Faculty Advisor | ssullivan@em.fsu.edu
Sue is an advisor for EMHS, and also handles all requests for paper certificates. She can also answer questions on course capacities and upcoming course offerings.

Brad Skillman, Deputy Director | bskillman@em.fsu.edu
Brad is the EMHS Deputy Director and can answer any questions about course mapping, offerings, and certificate requirements. Brad also handles all requests for Certificates with Honors.

David Merrick, Director | dmerrick@em.fsu.edu
David is the EMHS Director and can help solve any problem not addressed by other faculty and staff.