How do I apply for a certificate?

To receive an academic certificate from EMHS at FSU, the prospective student must be:

  1. Accepted and enrolled in Florida State University as a student.
  2. Accepted into the appropriate EMHS Certificate Program.

The University application and admissions process is outside the control of the EMHS Program. Use the following links to apply for admission to FSU:

Once a student is enrolled in Florida State University, they should apply for admission to the appropriate EMHS Certificate Program. Applications must be submitted prior to the completion of six credit hours in EMHS. We highly recommend applying even if the student is unsure they will complete the certificate. There are no consequences for not completing the program; however the 6-hour rule comes down from the Registrar’s Office and we are unable to make exceptions.

The application for EMHS Certificate Programs is below. Students may apply for multiple certificates, however each application must be submitted separately.

Certificate Application Form

Students will receive an email acknowledging receipt of their application and another email once an admission decision has been made. Applications are reviewed April 1, August 1, and December 1 of each year.

Upon graduation, completed certificates will automatically be notated on your transcript. You can also request a physical copy of your certificate here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cost of tuition for the certificate programs?
  • How do I receive my certificate once I have completed all the courses?
  • How do I know which courses are offered in the future?
  • What textbooks are required for my class?
  • Can I take a class at the graduate level if I've already taken it at the undergraduate level?
  • When I complete this UAS certificate, will I be 'certified' to fly a UAS?
  • Can I complete a certificate by taking exclusively online courses?
  • What should I do if I still have questions about the EMHS Program?
All of our classes (including UAS courses) are charged at the tuition rate set by the University, and our office is not able to advise on financial matters. The most accurate information on this topic can be found through Student Business Services.
Instructions can be found under Request Your Certificate on our Current Students page.
The EMHS program tries to offer classes on a rotating schedule that meets the needs of the students. Please visit the Course Offerings page for a general schedule of classes for upcoming semesters.
Each course has different textbook requirements in the program. Florida law mandates that required textbooks be posted in advance - these will appear on the FSU course search page. Please contact the instructor teaching the course about what textbooks are needed.
We do not allow students to repeat courses when achieving a second or graduate EM certificate. If you want to pursue a second certificate at the graduate level please get in touch with us and we will provide alternate courses.
The Application of UAS certificate demonstrates to employers and insurers that the student is a trained and capable operator - however, we do not 'certify' people to fly UAS. Students who complete our UAS courses have the knowledge necessary to complete the FAA Remote Pilot Certificate exam as specified in 14 CFR Part 107.
Our Emergency Management and Homeland Security certificate as well as our US Intelligence Studies certificate can be completed exclusively online. However, our UAS certificate requires the completion of PAD 4072/5078, Application of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, which is only offered in person. The course includes flight time with a variety of multi-rotor UAS and provides in-depth experiences with this technology.
If you need additional information on applying for the certificate, help choosing classes, or other advising specific to the EMHS program, please contact us.