Brad Skillman

Deputy Director | Associate Teaching Professor
  636 Bellamy

Brad Skillman is Deputy Director of the Emergency Management and Homeland Security Program at Florida State University. He has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Eckerd College and a master’s degree in International Affairs from Florida State University. He is involved in the teaching of the Introduction to Terrorism, Public Health, and Homeland Security courses. Mr. Skillman’s research interests are focused around the nexus between conflicts, terrorism, and peace. He has presented papers on subjects including Social Media and Terrorism and Nihilistic Terrorism at international conferences in Romania and the United Kingdom.

Brad Skillman's interest include using new and creative tools to further student exploration of course materials beyond lectures and simple discussion. These include round-tables for creating peace in Syria, debates structured around contentious course topics, and role-playing exercises to experience counter terrorism in real-time. The push to engage classes in new and creative ways helps to improve the experience for both students and instructors. Students are encouraged to think openly and be challenged by their peers.


Terrorism, Radicalization, Conflict Creation and Resolution, Public Health Disasters

Courses Taught

Intro to Terrorism
Advanced Topics in Terrorism
Public Health and EM
Counter Terrorism Studio
International Conflicts and Terrorism
Terrorism in Africa

Research and Projects

Wrangling Cats - Managing the Faculty and Staff of an Eclectic Higher Ed Organization
Perceptions of 9/11 in those born after the event
Martyrdom by Cop

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