Audrey Heffron Casserleigh, PhD

Teaching Professor
  638 Bellamy

Dr. Audrey Casserleigh is a Professor in the Emergency Management and Homeland Security Program at Florida State University, and a Senior Fellow at the Center for Disaster Risk Policy. Dr. Casserleigh’s areas of dedicated research include man-made disasters and the organizational behavior of terrorist networks.

Dr. Casserleigh has written one textbook, two edited chapters, over 55 articles, and has appeared in the press on MSNBC and the AP. She has served as a lecturer and consultant to the US Department of State, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Korean Secret Service, Chinese Academy of Sciences, American and International Red Cross, Ghanian National Disaster Management Organization and the Italian National Civil Protection Service. She currently serves on the Directorate Board for the International Society for Crisis and Emergency Management (ISCEM) and the Americorps-Corporation for National and Community Service.

Dr. Casserleigh holds a doctorate in Social and Political Science from the University of Cambridge, a Master’s of Science from Florida State University, a Bachelor of Arts from Wells College, and a Certificate of English Literature from Oxford University.

Courses Taught

Intro to Terrorism; Preparedness and Response
Advanced Topics in Terrorism
International Terror Policy
Public Health in Emergency Management
Homeland Security
Leadership and Communication in Emergency Management
Women, Disasters, and Conflict

Courses Under Development

Subversive Literature and Terrorism

Research and Projects

Perceptions of Security and Threats Related to 9/11

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