Alissa Bell

Program Coordinator | Adjunct
  646 Bellamy

Alissa Bell has been with the FSU EMHS Department for over three years. Prior to this she received a BA and MA in History. She also served for two years as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer in the Kingdom of Swaziland. Alissa currently works as a Program Coordinator and Instructor. She has developed and taught several classes including Terrorism and Security in Africa, International Terrorism Policy, and Women, Disasters, and Conflict.

In addition to her time teaching at Florida State, Alissa has also worked with the George C. Marshall Center for Security Studies. This work includes developing a curriculum on gender and security studies, specifically for the Transnistrian/Moldovan Conflict. Ms. Bell has also been lead project developer for international co-operative projects with multi-national partners. She was responsible for building an outreach education program in Nepal that employed FSU students as instructors in disaster management. This post 2015 earthquake training was critical in bringing resilience and community development to the underserved southern region of Nepal.

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