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Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management

Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management and Homeland Security (15 Credit Hours)

This program includes skills and knowledge appropriate for practicing managers and all those interested in emergency management training.  Students who have completed their undergraduate certificate from this program should contact our office before registering for classes as a graduate student. Successful completion of the courses applied to the EMHS Certificate is defined as a grade of C or higher. Students who receive grades lower than a C in any courses must repeat that course if they wish to have it apply to the EMHS certificate.

Core Courses (Required)

PAD 5397 Foundations in Emergency Management

PAD 5398 Emergency Management Programs, Planning and Policy

Elective Courses (Choose Three)

PAD 5373 Emergency Management Leadership and Communications

PAD 5376 Intro to Terrorism

PAD 5377 Advanced Topics in Terrorism (Prerequisite: Intro to Terrorism)*
* Can be substituted for PAD 5398 Emergency Management Programs, Planning and Policy

PAD 5378 Disaster Systems (Prerequisite: Foundations in Emergency Management)

PAD 5388 Disaster Recovery and Mitigation

PAD 5828 NGO's and Disasters

PAD 5835 International Comparative Disaster Management

PAD 5935 International Conflicts and Terrorism

PAD 5845 Public Health and Emergency Management

PAD 5895 Homeland Security; Policy and Practice

PAD 5388 Disaster Dollars: The Financing of Emergency Management Recovery

PAD 5079 EM Drones: Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Emergency Management

PAD 5935 Emergency Management Studio

PAD 5837 International Terrorism Policy (Prerequisite: Intro to Terrorism)

PAD 5848 U.S. Intelligence Community

PAD 5935 Disaster Management Planning for Urban Poor Communities

PAD 5935 Global Security and Fusion

PAD 5849 U.S. Intelligence Policy

PAD 5935 U.S. Intelligence Analysis

URP 5429 Planning for and Mitigating Global Climate Change

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