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Dilling-McDaniel Scholarship for Veterans and Active Duty Service Members

This scholarship is named after two of the founding members of the Emergency Management and Homeland Security (EMHS) program at FSU.  Janet Dilling and Robert McDaniel both served their country during the Cold and Gulf Wars, and became emergency management professionals after their military careers.  This scholarship is for veterans or active duty service members who wish to obtain their EMHS Certificate at Florida State University.

Janet Dilling served as an ordnance officer in the Army, managing theater level ammunition stocks, serving as a commander, and also writing and directing war and contingency plans.  After her service, Janet served as both a local and state level emergency manager in Idaho and Florida, before joining the FSU faculty in 1997.  While creating and directing the EMHS academic program in its early years, Janet also earned her doctorate in Public Administration, focusing on the academic growth of emergency management programs throughout the country.  Janet Dilling is considered one of the foremost experts in her field, and her classes are some of the most popular in the university.

Robert McDaniel served in the Air Force as an electronic warfare officer in B-52s during the Cold War.   In that capacity he supervised training, exercises and evaluations in one of the Strategic Air Commands’ most senior crews and ultimately flew combat missions during Desert Storm.  After Rob’s service he joined the state of Florida’s Emergency Management Division, becoming one of their operations officers and lead exercise developer. Recruited to bring his considerable disaster experience to our faculty, Rob was an important part of the team that built the EMHS certificate program at FSU.  Rob quickly became known for a facilitative style of teaching that bridged practitioner experience with academic learning.  With a Master’s in Public Administration and a wealth of professional subject matter knowledge, Rob has always been part of the innovating force behind the EMHS program.  Robert McDaniel is known throughout the country for his innovations in teaching, and his hands-on approach to learning.

The Dilling-McDaniel Scholarship awards veterans or active duty service members, of all branches of the military, the ability to take EMHS courses to begin or further their careers in emergency management or homeland security.  Named after two amazing individuals who have dedicated their entire careers to service, emergency management, and education, the scholarship pays for four EMHS courses for undergraduate students, or five EMHS courses for graduate students.

Purpose: The EMHS Veteran Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to veterans or active duty service members of all branches of the military.  This scholarship is based on a combination of factors including academic achievement, financial need and an expressed interest in pursuing a career in Emergency Management or Homeland Security. The scholarship pays for four EMHS courses for undergraduate students, or five EMHS courses for graduate students. All courses provided by this scholarship may be used to complete either the undergraduate or graduate certificate in Emergency Management and Homeland Security.

Criteria: In order to be eligible for this scholarship, the following criteria must be met:

  • The applicant must be a veteran or active duty service member who is currently enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student at Florida State University.
  • Applicant must be in good academic standing with a GPA of 2.5 or higher, and must submit a copy of their unofficial transcript.
  • Applicant must submit a one-page statement of purpose detailing: 1) their financial need, 2) future career goals in Emergency Management or Homeland Security, and 3) an explanation of why they are pursuing this scholarship.
  • Applicants must submit one letter of recommendation from either a professional superior or professor who can attest to the applicant’s work ethic, maturity, and integrity.

Guidelines: This scholarship will be awarded on an annual basis to one applicant. Scholarship recipients must maintain a GPA of no lower than 2.0 and remain enrolled as either an undergraduate or graduate student at Florida State University.

Deadlines: The deadline for this scholarship application is January 31 2017. Once awarded, the scholarship winner may take their EMHS credit hours during any period in their college career, granted the guidelines above are met.

Please submit application materials by January 31 2017 to:

Alissa Bell
Florida State University
Emergency Management and Homeland Security
644 Bellamy Building
Tallahassee, FL 32306-2250

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