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Farrah Gosford

 “My experience in the Emergency Management Academic Program was exceptional. While attending the program I currently worked for the Florida Division of Emergency Management. The program provided unique opportunities to incorporate while working. The quality of instructors and guest presenters added life experiences to the core curriculum." 
"The program enhanced my skills and knowledge in emergency management. I was able to put my skills to use multiple times during the 2004 Hurricane Season and the years since then. It helped me understand the need to be prepared for all hazards and to be outcome driven.  I have taken the skills that I learned and applying them now as contractor to continue to develop plans to better prepare communities before disasters strike, during disasters and the long road to recovery post disasters.”    
Lee Mayfield
 “The courses I took through the Emergency Management program at FSU were relevant, comprehensive and opened my eyes to many real world challenges facing our emerging field.  The professors didn’t just focus on the “book material”, they spent time discussing current events and related issues.  This allowed me to not only learn the academic side of emergency management, but also how to apply what I was learning in a practical setting.  I also got to meet and collaborate with other like-minded students who were on my same career path and continue working with many of them today."
         "As the field of Emergency Management progresses, more employers are looking for those with both real world experience and formal education.  In today’s job market, the ability to claim both actual disaster experience and formal training is invaluable.  The EM program at FSU provided me with that academic background to succeed in my professional career.”




Ashley Davis

       “Participating in the emergency management program at FSU allowed me to get first-hand experience in the undergraduate- and graduate-level studies in emergency management.   Through classroom studies, tabletop exercises, and exposure to real disasters during activations at the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC), I was able to see life as a true emergency manager before I graduated from the FSU emergency management program.  In 2005, Rob McDaniel took me on a tour of the SEOC during an actual activation for Hurricane Wilma.  Through these experiences and teachings, my career continues to blossom as an Emergency Manager for the State Emergency Response Team.  
       "Professors such as Dr. Audrey Heffron-Casserleigh and Rob McDaniel have not only become friends but have become mentors as I continue to grow in my emergency management career.  The EM Program provided me with an advanced level of fundamentals in emergency management that continues to help me grow as an emergency manager.  While attending FSU, I was an intern at the Florida Division of Emergency Management, graduated with my Bachelor Degree, and was hired on with the Division as a Radiological Emergency Preparedness Planner.  I went on to become the Hurricane Program Manager under the leadership of Craig Fugate, who is now the Administrator for FEMA.  I am currently an Emergency Coordination Officer for the Florida Department of Transportation’s Emergency Management team.  The EM Program provided me with the tools to prepare for, respond to, recover from, and mitigate against disasters that may impact Florida.”

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