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Undergraduate Certificate in USIS

Undergraduate Certificate in U.S. Intelligence Studies (12 hours)

This program includes skills and knowledge appropriate for practicing analysts and those within the community as well as all those interested in intelligence training.  Successful completion of the courses applied to the USIS Certificate is defined as a grade of C or higher. Students who receive grades lower than a C in any courses must repeat that course if they wish to have it apply to the certificate.

Required Courses

PAD 4842 U.S. Intelligence Policy  

PAD 4XXX* Intelligence Analysis and Communication

*Required courses with non-permanent numbers are new courses specifically tailored with this certificate program in mind. These will be approved and assigned permanent course numbers prior to the certificate start date.

Elective Course List
Choose 2 courses from those listed below or 2 courses from one regional specialization)

PAD 4843 U.S. Intelligence Community

PAD 4890 Homeland Security Policy and Practice

PAD 4XXX Global Security and Fusion

PAD 4374 Introduction to Terrorism

PAD 4375 Advanced Topics in Terrorism

PAD 4XXX International Conflict and Terrorism

PAD 4084 International Terror Policy

PAD 4XXX Terrorism and Security in Africa

PHI 2100 Reasoning and Critical Thinking

IFS 3130 Making the Argument: Symbolic Logic and the Forms of Good Reasoning

INR 4102 American Foreign Policy

INR 4334 American Defense Policy

SYD 4700 Race and Minority Group Relations

SYO 3530 Social Classes and Inequality

CPO 4057 Political Violence

Regional Specialization: Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, and Russia

ECS 4333 Transition of Soviet and Eastern European Economies

GEA 4554 Russia and Southern Eurasia

RUT 3504 Modern Russian Life

CPO 3615 Post-Soviet Politics

RUS 4XXX 4000-level Russian language course

Regional Specialization: Middle East

ECS 4504 Economics of the Middle East

GEA 4635 Geography of the Middle East

CPO 3403 Comparative Government and Politics: The Middle East

INR 4274 Studies in International Politics: The Middle East

REL 3363 The Islamic Tradition

REL 3367 Islamic Traditions II: Islam up to the Modern World

ARA 4XXX 4000-level Arabic language course

Regional Specialization: East Asia, specifically China

ECS 3200 Economics of Asia

CPO 3520 Emerging Democracies in Northeast Asia: Korea, Taiwan, Japan

CPO 3541 Politics of China

REL 2350 Religions of East Asia

CHI 4XXX 4000-level Chinese language course

*Other Regional Specializations may be permitted with program director approval.

Each admitted student will develop a course of study covering all requirements. This course of study will be approved by the certificate program director or associate director prior to the student beginning coursework. Any changes to the course of study must be approved by the certificate program director or associate director.

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