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Certificate in U.S. Intelligence Studies

The focus on the practice and community surrounding the intelligence field in the United States has placed new importance on training analysts and decision makers. This certificate gives students in just about any program of study a way to stand out from the crowd and learn real world approaches to solving complicated problems. The concepts and methods are as relevant in business, psychology, and the arts as it is to national security.

    ·  The certificate program includes courses on:

            ·   Analysis methods

            ·   Critical thinking

            ·   Plain-language writing

            ·  Policy development

            ·   National Security

            ·  Terrorism and Conflict

            ·  Ethics

The certificate program also allows students to hone knowledge of regions and cultures for better analytical skills, useful in the world's current climate. These regions include:

            ·   Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, and Russia

            ·   Middle East

            ·   East Asia, specifically China

The certificate is offered at the graduate and undergraduate level.

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